投稿日:2022-10-06 更新日:2023-02-27


Traditions passed through Generations

日時:2022年11月1日(火)〜11月13日(日) 10:00〜17:00(水曜日定休日)

場所:半兵衛麩 五条ビル2Fホール keiryu




Date & Time: November 1 (Tue) – 13 (Sun) 10:00 – 17:00 (closed on Wednesdays)
Place: Hanbei fu Gojo Bldg. 2F Hall keiryu
Admission: Free
Gojozaka’s ceramic tradition has been carried on for centuries,  with seasoned professionals responsible for rearing the next generation of artisans. Many ateliers are family-run, and there is a great responsibility among young creators to uphold the quality and reputation of their respective brands. 

To honour this long history, an exhibition of two generations of pottery makers will be held on the 2nd floor hall of Hanbei fu, a Kyoto culinary establishment with a history of over 300 years.


井上 治男・佳久・路久

岡本 和郎・和芳

清水 六兵衞・宏章

高木 岩華・竜太

森里 忠男・龍生


Haruo Inoue, Yoshihisa, Michihisa

Kazuo Okamoto, Kazuyoshi

Shimizu Rokubei, Hiroaki

Takagi Iwaka, Ryuta

Morisato Tadao, Ryusei